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          在此,誠摯感謝每一位關注、支持“華明”的 良朋摯友,感謝多













    Persident's Address
        Firstly, I would show my sincere appreciation to all the friends, who have been taking care and giving support to the growth of “Huaming” consistently, as well as to all the colleagues having been striving for success shoulder by shoulder in the past years.
        “Huaming” is not only a name of company but a history of pioneering. Through effort of continuous endeavor, Huaming Group finally accomplishes current splendor and flourishing age, towards further prosperity. 
        Once upon a time, it was an area of deserted brushwood. But right now, “Huaming New Town” has become to the only established case of urbanization in Shanghai world Expo in2010.
        Deserted brushwood in former times has been constructed to an open-economy new town, driving on a great –leap- forward development with innovation and open-mind.
        Recollecting the experienced journey in the past 38 years, only with spirit of pioneering, exploring and fighting, Huaming Group could achieve the great-leap-forward development of scale and brand, having vividly performed the epic of the march of modern chinese corporation.
        During the past 38 years, we can genuine feel the joy of victory while the bitterness of hardship, the wish of soul while the torture of puzzling. From tottering of youth to being steady of maturation, we have gone through and explored the road, which is full of dream and splendor.
        In such a new economic age filled with challenge and hope, Huaming Group will continue to carry on the Huaming spirit: united and pragmatic, weight forging ahead, making pioneering efforts and creating brilliance. By innovation of production, administration, technology and customer service, we will leave no effort to upgrade Huaming Group to a first-rate modern cooperation as the navigator in the sailing of market economy, with product and industry diversification, business operation internationalization, corporation management modernization.
        We definitely believe that it is only with the eminent ideal, concrete faith, efficient executive power as the cornerstone, Huaming Goup could continue to exceed history and pursue excellence.  
        We have firm belief that it is only to take a broad &long-term view and hold down-to-earth spirit that Huaming Goup could must be lifetime and evergreen. 

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