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         Tianjin Huaming Group enterprise management co., LTD with more than 39 years history and good prospects for development is  Stock cooperative enterprise. Through unremitting efforts, Huaming Group adhering to the "unity and pragmatic, weight forward , Creative and create ”first-class” Huaming spirit. Rapid development from scratch, since the childhood, become outstanding manufacturing industry in Tianjin region. In In 2017, Huming Group ranked in the forefront among the top 80 manufacturing enterprises in Tianjin.

    In order to adapt to the needs of the rapid economic development and cross-border competition, Huaming Group adjusted industrial structure into four major products business, four services areas and financial investment business, total nine business section. Products business areas include: Huaming Group, Huaming Yongsheng Packaging, Huaming Printing, Yourong telecom;  Service business areas include: Kaitong Honda 4S, Huaming Xinyu business incubator, international logistics, Lezhi enterprise management, Huaming Hi-tech Radiation , Fuyu Property Management ;Financial investment business areas: Huaming Xinyu Investment、Microcredit. New "4+6+2" modal industrial restructuring will highly integrated all kinds of resources, with new attitude in various fields to write beautiful music movement. Huaming people would like to establish friendship with you to mutual development and create a better future. 



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